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Manū Music

Jade Louise & Lima Manu are a match made in musical heaven. The harmonies and chemistry they create on stage is not only pleasant to the ears but entertaining to watch. As Lima showcases his musicianship by using a loop station, creating different levels of live music on the spot, Jade Louise loves to create different mash ups of everyone’s favorite songs.

Together their repertoire expands across all genres, R&B, Top 40, Dance, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Contemporary, plus all your favorite hits from the 60’s right through to today’s charts!

So if relaxing, acoustic dinner music is required, then their smooth vocals and Lima’s delightful guitar playing will not disappoint. Or if you want songs to get the crowd up and the party started then they will always deliver.

Favourite Artists – Micheal Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber

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