You may have attended a lot of weddings, but it’s never quite the same as planning your own! We expect you to have a few curly questions & hopefully you’ll find the answer below! If not, feel free to get in touch.

Can my musician or DJ take requests on the day?

Absolutely! You will receive a planning document to add song requests, music genres & the overall details of your day. You can include as many songs as you like if they’re listed on the musician/band’s set list and any songs for the DJ. We recommend only giving us some of your favourites, and our performers will read the room and use their professional ability to judge the crowd and play the best songs on the day. We don’t require every song to be played, which is why you book professional musicians and DJs! We will also welcome song requests from your guests on the day.

We have a special song we want our musician to learn – is this possible?

Yep! Our musicians will learn any song, with a tick of approval from them for your special moments (i.e. walk down the aisle, first dance etc.). We offer one complimentary song per booking. Further songs are available at a fee of $150 + GST. Please check with us, if your song is a little unique or something that a standard acoustic or wedding band might not play. Our musicians must be comfortable with everything they’re learning as we want to it sound amazing on the day.

We have multiple locations for ceremony and reception – How much does it cost to relocate?

If the locations are within the same venue or close by, zero, zilch, nada, nothing…you get the idea! We don’t believe in relocation fees or hidden costs – what you see is what you get! If you need to be covered longer due to a relocation, you can always customise your package and add on as much time as you need – just ask us and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if the ceremony location doesn’t have power?

Yikes! Just kidding – this isn’t an issue. We come prepared; it’s your big day, after all. We can provide your soloist, duo, or trio with a battery-powered sound system.

I want to secure TMBC for my date BUT I don’t know my timings yet!

No problem, we can work around you! If you’d like to lock in your wedding performer, so no one else snaps them up in the meantime, you can pay your deposit. We’ll block the date out and that way, you’ve secured the act of your choice. We can work on your confirmed times & details closer to the date – easy peasy!

Do you offer MC services?

The MC role is vital to the flow of a wedding & seperate to ours. An MC is likely to meet you before to get to know you. They control the order, ensure your favs are ready for their speeches, tap you on the shoulder when its time for your first dance. As musician/DJs, we're busy delivering those epic vibes & can't quite manage this role as well. However, although not quite an MC, we're happy to make small announcements if required.

Can I change a few things in my package, is it flexible?

We like to ensure our packages are as flexible as possible so we can help you achieve your #weddinggoals. Our packages are generalised examples to cover all aspects of a wedding day, but everything can be tailored, and we love to personalise wherever possible. For example, if you’d like your entertainers to play longer, want them to wear a particular colour (all black attire, white or neutrals for a beachy wedding, etc.), or feel like adding an instrument or two (or three…) – you can. Let’s create a bespoke, perfect package together!

What sort of space do musicians/DJs require?

This will vary a little pending the type of performers you book. For example, a soloist, DJ, duo requires approx. 2m x 2m, but to be on the safe side, please check with us before the day. We like to boast a compact set-up, but specific instruments have different specs!

Do I need to provide meals for the performers on the day?

Musical fuel (dinner) for the musicians/DJ would be fab and required if the artist or DJ is playing for more than 3 hours. We’ll happily cheers to you if a glass of bubbly or beer comes our way.

Does my quote include everything in terms of sound and entertainment? Do I need to organise anything else?

You bring the guests, and we’ll bring the musical atmosphere and good vibes! It’s your big day, and we know you have a lot of things to do, so the answer to this is nothing at all! We bring all equipment, the sound system & basic lighting for your reception. We also take pride in making our set ups look cute! Please check the above notes regarding battery speaker and/or song requests, as these are at an additional fee. Travel outside of 1 hour from Gold Coast central will also incur a small fee.

Can I meet my wedding musicians or DJ before my wedding?

We don’t recommend it – and here’s why! You have booked an agency with an experienced entertainment manager, curating wedding entertainment daily. We love taking on all coordination and meetings (If Req) on the performers’ behalf to ensure no details are missed. Our performers are paid to perform and sometimes don’t enjoy the planning side of things – hence why they work for us, and everything becomes seamless for all parties. With TMBC, you have 100% support in the planning & we love lending our expert advice if required.

Can I see our preferred wedding musician play live before booking?

We weren’t kidding when we said our TMBC wedding entertainers are some of Queensland’s best, so they also perform across a variety of local venues which are open to the public. You’ll find videos on their profiles, however if you need a little more, give us a yell & we’ll let you know where they’re performing next.

What styles of music do your DJs play?

We like to say you’re in a safe pair of hands – we work with a close-knit, highly experienced team of DJ’s who have hundreds of weddings under their ‘performer belt’. Our DJs are what’s known as ‘Open Format’ meaning they play a multitude of musical genres (essential for a wedding). You can also provide musical styling info for your DJ to mix up. Yes, we play the bangers, but we also welcome traditional & culture specific music.

What other forms of musical entertainment do you offer?

In our music box you’ll find a variety of musical mastery from saxophone players, violinists & pianists. However, if you're seeking something out of the ordinary, we'll be happy to use our outreach to find what you're after. Ask us for more deets!

Other than music, what kind of entertainment add-ons do you offer?

We have options such as lighting upgrades, extra sound and audio equipment for larger events, indoor fireworks/love letters/dancing on a cloud & photobooth options. Please let us know what your visions are, and we’ll try our best to achieve them!

Do you offer live music for my wedding ceremony only?

We sure do! Our ceremony package has a minimum 2 hour run time for our solo and duo acts, which generally covers pre-ceremony (30 minutes), ceremony (30 minutes) and post reception (1 hour). Our artists block out the whole day for your wedding, hence the minimum coverage. The only exception is with our string’s musicians, who can accommodate a minimum 1-hour slot.

How do I choose a wedding musician or band?

We have spent a lot of time creating an intuitive and easy-to-use website with our couples in mind. All of our musicians have individual profiles where you can view their videos, setlists & photos in your own time, giving you a good understanding of their vibe and style. It comes down to the availability of your favourite performers, so let us know who you love, and we’ll start the process of booking them tentatively.

Which locations in SEQ do you travel to?

Our TMBC artists know (almost) no bounds when delivering a soulful performance. They have played at weddings spanning across SEQ from Byron Bay, Tweed Coast, Northern Rivers, Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, as well as Island weddings. You could say we get around in our pursuit of making wedding music magic happen! If you don’t see your location on that list, reach out and ask us.

Will an acoustic soloist or duo be suitable for a dancefloor?

Our live music acts offer unique setlists for all vibes of a reception. We recommend chatting to us if you’re hoping to have them extend into dancefloor time as some of our musicians are unsuitable. TMBC has a range of solo and duo acts that are perfect for a party so we can guide you through this. On the other hand, if you’re looking for upbeat, more Aussie classics/80s/90s dancefloor tunes or Bohemian Rhapsody sing-along vibes, this is better suited to our wedding DJ’s and live wedding bands.

I want the best of both worlds – live music and a DJ?

On our package list, you can view our combinations options (SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM), which include acoustic + DJ. You’ll find that most of our talented musicians are also superstar DJ’s & expert at nailing both dynamics. That way you could have the one performer take care of your whole day!

What info do my partner and I need to give you for our entertainment?

We’ll send through a super easy document (even your nan could do it). This will allow you to curate your playlists, provide formality structure & songs & give us the deets we need to perform for you. We also require a run sheet for the day when it’s finalised – this is all we need from you! Other than that, you’ve got us to do as much of the ‘heavy lifting for you as possible!

Is my deposit refundable?

The short answer is no. However, thanks to our old friend, Covid, we are extremely flexible should your plans change. We will offer countless date changes at no cost which your deposit will contribute towards. If we are unavailable on a new date, we will consider a refund.