Gary is a highly sought-after full-time saxophonist from the Gold Coast where he has been based since 1998. As a saxophone soloist and sideman, Gary works extensively throughout the South-East Queensland region, in addition to having been recorded on over 50 albums to date.

Throughout his career, Gary has worked in a huge range of musical genres and ensembles from classical through to EDM, and has also been involved with a number of tribute shows for artists including Elton John, Billy Joel, INXS, Phil Collins and Dire Straits.

Gary is currently in high-demand throughout South-East Queensland for his ability to integrate seamlessly with live DJs and is also part of duo act 'Parallel' combining live sax, acoustic and vocals as well as popular jazz and blues band 'Tonic'.

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Posted by Gary Mulholland Music on Thursday, December 13, 2018